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  • Fully self-managed (help available if required)
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  • Flexibly suitable for diverse conference needs
  • Multiple search parameters for registration information
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    Conference invitation & messaging
    1.Access your conference from your website/platform.
    2.Invite your previous delegates to a new or future conference by email.
    3.Send message to all or subset of your delegates, team etc.
    4.Invitation to online conference/meeting (send link and/or ID).
    Conference details
    Delegate categories
    Fees by categories
    Accommodation types and fees 
    Login or Forgotten password or register
    Feeding options (if necessary)
    Conference details
    Food allergies or disability
    Various instructions

    Highlights of this great platform

    Self-managed and customised to own organisation's name, conference picture, logo, slogan and currency
    Flexibly suitable for diverse conference needs
    Conference accommodation, day delegate & meal options
    Delegate's attendance duration options
    Conference fees by accommodation, attendance duration & meal options
    Early bird offer option implemented
    Diverse instructions for delegates
    (registration, accommodation, cancellation, allergies and disabilties etc)
    Conference sessions and speakers with pictures
    Payment options (direct bank transfer, cheque, PayPal)
    Registration statistics
    Search for registered delegates by date, delegate category, meals, accommodation type, residential or day delegates
    Search result available in excel spreadsheet
    Organisation may run multiple conferences at any time