'Umunna' means 'Extended Family' in Igbo language, spoken by more than 30 million people in Africa and the diaspora.
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  • Family Tree is easy to build and display. A user guide is also available.
  • Your Family Tree is automatically generated as names are added. It grows fast because each adult can access and enter (or edit) their own specific lineage.
  • Alternatively, you may prefer to email us the list of your family members to enter for you.
  • Family Tree can be displayed with or without titles, pictures, dates of birth/death as user may choose. View sample family tree
  • Reconnect with family - past and present (including uncles, aunties, cousins nieces & nephews, in-laws)
    Symbol of longevity & fecundity
    The righteous will flourish like a palm tree. (Psalm 92:12a)

  • Multiple-location accounting system
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  • Conference manager
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