Get to know your family in full.
Start & grow your family tree
Get to know your family in full.
Start & grow your family tree
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Keep a record of your past and present generations, including inlaws, aunties, uncles, nephews & nieces.

Symbol of Longevity & Fecundity
The righteous will flourish like a palm tree.
(Psalm 92:12a)
  • Start your own Family Tree  (30-day free trial period).
  • Family Tree is easy to build and display. However, a user guide is available when you sign in, for further help.
  • Your Family Tree is automatically generated. It grows fast because every adult entered is instantly emailed to access and enter (or edit) the details of their own family members.
  • Alternatively, you may prefer to email us or upload the details of your family members.
  • There is a variety of display options for Family Trees at your disposal - with pictures and/or dates, full or part ancestral line display, descendants only display.
  • You may want to print and frame your Family Tree and have a hard copy Display.
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    5 generations of Abraham's descendants
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